Monday, June 9, 2014

Recyclebank: Sweet Seasonal Produce

Check out how Farmer's Markets promote a healthy environment for 10 Recyclebank points!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Gardening Books from the Experts at Rodale

I have a vintage paperback copy of a J. I. Rodale biography; it's evidence that I'm an organic nutrition nerd!  Considered the father of the organic movement, Jerome Irving Rodale popularized the term organic as he explored the connection between food and the soil it's grown in.  He founded the popular Organic Gardening and Prevention magazines, and his legacy continues both on the farm and in print.  Little did I realize, as a kid, that the well-used copy of Square Foot Gardening that seemed to be ever-present in our home, was a product of this company.  For years, I've trusted Rodale Press when it comes to nutrition and organic gardening resources. 

A few weeks ago, J.I.'s granddaughter, Maria Rodale, blogged that this is the most important year ever to start a garden, likening the realization to Noah's calling to build an ark.  Multiple news sources are reporting forecasts of higher food costs, and all the old reasons to grow what you can still apply...

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Win a Sweet Prize of Sunset Produce!

This bitterly cold winter has left me more anxious than usual for spring and craving summer vegetables, so I was pretty excited to find this giveaway from Sunset Produce!

The Sunset brand is "inspired by flavor" and trademarked by the sweetness of their tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers.  You've likely seen many of their popular products in the stores; these are the folks that bring us the Campari® Tomato Lover's tomatoes™.  Their entire line is now Non-GMO certified and, although that does not mean all their produce is organic, this fourth-generation, family-owned company seems dedicated to quality and transparency

You can enter to win a "Sunset Sweet Prize Package" of these greenhouse-grown goodies delivered right to your door!  The company launched the weekly giveaways in February, during "Heart Health" Month, and they're donating a dollar for each entry received to the American Heart Association.  (You can read the official rules here.)

Now, however, there's just one week left of this promotion, so...

Enter the "Sweetstakes" here!  

Spring Bakers Giveaway from Bonne Maman & Cherrybrook Kitchen

Bonne Maman & Cherrybrook Kitchen's Spring Bakers Giveaway
Click here for an easy entry for a chance to win some all-natural baking ingredients!

Bonne Maman & Cherrybrook Kitchen have paired up to give two jars of preserves and three baking mixes to one lucky winner per week. The giveaway runs through the end of March, and the weekly drawing resets each Monday, so you can enter today and then three more times, as the last entry period actually runs Monday, March 24th through Monday March 31st, 2014. You can read the official rules here.

Bonne Maman's fabulous preserves and jellies are produced in France without artificial coloring, preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup.  Be sure to sign up for their mailing list and Birthday coupon while you're on the site!  These products are available at Meijer and many other locations.

Cherrybrook Kitchen's baking mixes are vegan and are created to appeal to those with various food allergies. While the company's mixes are all free from nut, egg and dairy ingredients, and they do offer some Gluten-free products, the mixes offered in this giveaway (pancake, sugar cookies and yellow cake mix as pictured above) do contain wheatYou can read more about the brand and their products here.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recyclebank Tips

Click on the image to check out some crafty tips from Recyclebank to re-purpose common items, and earn points while you get inspired!  I was surprised to see the famous "toilet paper roll seed starter" tip missing from this list, but I found all sorts of other cute ideas on their pinterest boards!

DeLallo Organic Pasta

There are a few printable coupons available for DeLallo's organic whole wheat pasta! This pasta is made in Italy and can be found in Kroger stores.

Click here to print the first ($1.50/2) coupon from the Brandcaster Savings Center right on this site.  If you're interested in Gluten-free pastas, there are coupons for those, too, as well as their pasta sauce.  Click on "More" under Brands, then "DeLallo" if you don't see it.

Follow this link to go directly to the second whole wheat pasta coupon and this one for another Gluten-free pasta coupon.

There are recipes and useful information on the company's site, too, like these tips for storing olive oil which gives a second definition to the "HALT" acronym that some of us know as "Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired." A second coupon for the pasta sauce is available on the DeLallo site, too...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This Deal's for the Dogs

If you act quickly, you can take advantage of an interesting combination of offers, but this post isn't about people food, so I'll keep it short.

The Nutro Company, which produces the Natural Choice brand of Dog Food has a mail-in rebate offer for a 15 pound bag of Dog food, but you have to purchase it by February 2, 2014.  They'll reimburse up to $39.99 for the purchase.  Here's the link to the info and the form you'll need.

Meanwhile, PetSmart, where the Natural Choice food is available, just released a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. Here's the link for that coupon.                  

Here's a couple of pictures of my dog, with a bag of Natural Choice food... and with a stolen baguette. Okay, then.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Keeping Up With the Coupons

I've finally managed to get the "Printable Coupons" page on the blog figured out... Well, sort of...

When I see coupons for healthier products from, specifically, I can have them appear at the top, rather than eight pages deep, behind the processed meat and high-fructose corn syrup products.  You may still want to scroll through and see what else appeals to you, as I have not yet discovered how to know which new coupons are there, other than to go through the pages myself. Over the last week, several great coupons have come and gone...

The tricky part of this is that I have to keep changing the URL of the page, so if I share a link that doesn't seem to work, just click on the COUPON tab on the site. It won't highlight the specific ones, but it'll get you there! You'll have to install the software to print them, if you don't already have it.

As of this moment, you can follow this link... there are presently six different coupons for Newman's Own organic items and a few others that may help you eat better on a budget!

This post contains affiliate links; you may read more about this here.